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Off to the Ig’s!

Posted by on September 16, 2014

Per our standard flight routine I just got to sit down after the ‘extra secure’ TSA screening.  It is nice to be loved.

We are sitting in departures for Jet Blue at Tampa International Airport waiting for our first flight to Boston.  Part of our bungalow house is being dismantled by contractors while we are away, and possibly re-mantled before we get back, but I am not expecting miracles.  Our perpetual construction will end, but not quite yet.

Boston.  I know really nothing other than sketchy school history, more daydreaming than education when history was involved, about the city but everyone we have told of our trip seems to be excited for us.  The Tea Party, the real one, happened there, there is a harbor and some sports teams, who knows what else.  Kinda going at this one blind because we have a purpose and it sounds like there are so many things to do that we will need to return some day.  I think of this as a trial run.

Our purpose is to attend the 24th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony at Harvard University.  (  We have watched it live streaming on YouTube and decided to make a vacation of it.  This year’s ceremony is on Thursday evening.  Visit the link and watch us.  We will be front row and center.  This year’s theme is ‘food’ so Briget and I will be representing the food chain.  Me in my zebra stripped shirt and Briget in leopard print.  To send the point home I may be in my hamburger hat too.


Ig Nobel Prize - Science that first makes you laugh and then makes you think.

For those not science geeky enough to already know about the Ig’s.  The prized are given to those who have published studies that first make you laugh and then make you think.

We look forward to Boston and an exciting trip.

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