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Fate and the TSA

Posted by on September 16, 2014

For some years now, my darling husband has been a target of the TSA. Even though he looks like an average guy; somehow he is always chosen without any fail to proceed through further examination of some type .

Perhaps it is because he is not so average. A guy who is comfortable in pleated pants and button down shirts. The well-trained TSA personnel recognize that he does not drink and does not smoke; thus making him a threat to normal society.

Today arriving at the Tampa airport airside A; we were immediately separated. Not sure exactly who got which lane until I was entrenched in the process that I realized that I was in the ‘fast pass’ lane. My poor husband was, one again subjected to further screening.


At least this time, he was labored with carefully selected items for his bags… No electronics, no liquids and simple clothing.

But since he is the ideal travel companion, he takes it stride and allows me to chuckle.


But, we made on to the plane and I did not freak out too much. So, life is good.

On to Boston for the week…

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