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Posted by on September 6, 2014

I always wanted a DeLorean.  My fondness of the DeLorean car does not come from the movie ‘Back to the Future’.  It comes from being in the Buick showroom in 1981.  My parents were looking for a new car, when, there it was in all its stainless steel glory: the DeLorean.

DeLorean 1981

The gull-wing doors were open.  I gravitated towards it.  I sat in it.  My dad wandered over and my needling began.  I begged my father with all the might this ten year old girl could muster: “pleeeasssse, let us get it”.  I said it over and over (and over again).  I offered to do extra chores around the house.  I would wash it and make sure the inside would stay clean.  I rationalized that our family of five would be just fine with this.  I offered to be the one who would *always* sit on the narrow hump in the backseat when we all traveled together (and not complain about it).  No go.

We ended up with the Buick Skyhawk.  In gold.

So, it has always been kind of a pet dream that I would, one day, have a DeLorean.  But, as so many other things in life go, other priorities were in put in front of that day dream.  Other practical things, like probably what my father was thinking at the Buick dealership three decades ago.

When working on our main bathroom in the house, we had to decide on the color grout for the floor tile.  We had the tile for ages and we were finally at the stage to install it.  The chosen tile could really go with several different grout colors: brown, grey, white even.  When narrowed down to the grey hue, the choice became easy:

DeLorean grout

I finally have my DeLorean.

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