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Author Archives: Briget

The Cast of Travelers…


As a group, sub-groups and individuals, we prepare for our trip.  Now, it is your time, dear reader to prepare yourself by getting an insight to the cast of travelers   Chris Engineer My wonderful husband is an intellect coupled with great know-how.  He is truly the jack-of-all trades; master of many (not ‘none’ as … Continue reading »

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Fate and the TSA


For some years now, my darling husband has been a target of the TSA. Even though he looks like an average guy; somehow he is always chosen without any fail to proceed through further examination of some type . Perhaps it is because he is not so average. A guy who is comfortable in pleated … Continue reading »

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I always wanted a DeLorean.  My fondness of the DeLorean car does not come from the movie ‘Back to the Future’.  It comes from being in the Buick showroom in 1981.  My parents were looking for a new car, when, there it was in all its stainless steel glory: the DeLorean. The gull-wing doors were open. … Continue reading »

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A Return to Prague


A wonderful trip is in the works!  Chris and I will journey down the Danube with my mother and aunt, in December.  Before we board the ship in Budapest, we will spend a few days in Prague. Legend says that if you make a wish while touching this plaque on the Charles Bridge, it will … Continue reading »

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Jeune et Joli


We love traveling via the London Tube. It is wonderfully easy to navigate the city, see interesting people, and really take in the local lifestyle.  This trip to London, we purchased our first Oyster Cards.  Having an Oyster Card-a more permanent ticket over the one-time use paper card-makes me feel like we belong just a … Continue reading »

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Got this one covered


Don’t worry, dear.  I have starred down a Cyberman…and lived to talk about it. The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration in London was wonderful! We went on two days, one before and one after the 50th Anniversary Episode. Very interesting to see the changes in the panel discussions once the episode aired.

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