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The Cast of Travelers…

Posted by on December 22, 2014

As a group, sub-groups and individuals, we prepare for our trip.  Now, it is your time, dear reader to prepare yourself by getting an insight to the cast of travelers




Chris in Cambridge: wi-fi and a milkshake ends a great day.

Chris in Cambridge: wi-fi and a milkshake ends a great day.

My wonderful husband is an intellect coupled with great know-how.  He is truly the jack-of-all trades; master of many (not ‘none’ as the saying goes).  He is our go-to guy for:

Strategic stacking of suit cases.

Pack-horse for day trips (bottles of water, travel books, maps, extra shoes all somehow fit into his coat)

Map analyzer; plotter of route

Gadget Guru; always equipped with the best equipment and tested apps.

In short, our MacGyver.


He is a fantastic, easy going, travel companion. His art of ‘passive observation’ always offers a new insight on our surroundings.   It truly is a delight to spend time with him exploring a new land and it is a comfort knowing he will happily just take care of all these things.






Gram Ruby loving on the newest grandson,  Spencer

Gram Ruby loving on the newest grandson, Spencer


My mother, Ruby,  is a true artist at heart. A woman who knows the perfect name for describing colors. One who can decorate a house into a home all the while putting plaids and florals together…and it looks great!  She paints with wild abandon; singing opera with improvised words.

A fun loving traveler who is up for walking the steep inclines of Italy or sitting back and enjoying the peaceful scenery of the Welsh countryside.




Aunt Virginia and the Harley

Aunt Virginia and the Harley

My favorite aunt, Virginia, is a classic.  Beautiful, elegant, eloquent, cultured and intelligent.  She has always been an inspiration of what a woman of the world should be.


As we narrowed down trip ideas to a river cruise in Europe, Virginia decided on the Danube.  No doubt because of the romantic fascination the Danube is portrayed to us through art and music.





Briget in a race car!

Briget in a race car!


I work on the big picture then hammer out the details.  I like to gather input on likes, preferences, and interests from the group and put that against possible locations.  Generally, the plan for trips is to place a few anchor activities/locations, then add details as needed.

Love to travel, hate to fly…A bit of a challenge for someone who lives in the U.S. but likes to vacation in Europe.


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