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Don’t worry, dear.  I have starred down a Cyberman…and lived to talk about it.

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration in London was wonderful! We went on two days, one before and one after the 50th Anniversary Episode. Very interesting to see the changes in the panel discussions once the episode aired.

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Daleks in the Bathroom


Imagine my surprise when I woke up to see this light pattern on the wall just outside our bedroom.  Were we being invaded by one of Doctor Who’s most popular enemies?  Were we about to be exterminated?  This would be unlikely since we have stairs leading into our house and the hallway outside our bedroom is rather narrow.


After quite some time with our main bathroom being walled off due to construction we finally removed the barrier.  Now, like a pinhole camera, the morning sunlight shines through the old door’s keyhole and projects the window and furnishings onto the darkened hallway wall.  Quite a surprise after not having a bathroom for an awfully long time.

Fortunately we were safe from the Daleks and our construction has an end in site.  The Cybermen are starting to worry me though.

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Bill says “Er…”



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