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Jeune et Joli

Posted by on July 11, 2014

We love traveling via the London Tube. It is wonderfully easy to navigate the city, see interesting people, and really take in the local lifestyle.  This trip to London, we purchased our first Oyster Cards.  Having an Oyster Card-a more permanent ticket over the one-time use paper card-makes me feel like we belong just a little bit more.  I then went whole-hog and purchased a holder for my Oyster Card…

Briget's first Oyster Card holder...Traveling the London Tube in style.

Briget’s first Oyster Card holder…Traveling the London Tube in style.


The London Tube provides us with sensory overload.  The sounds of whizzing trains, musicians busking, and loud-speaker announcements about minding a gap.  Then there are the sights.  From the people to the many different advertisements on all surfaces, visually, there is never a dull moment.  From the posters on the walls, we learn about current events such as new books published, concerts coming to town and movies set to premier.  So one day, we encounter this…

Young and Beautiful

Young and Beautiful

Stepping off the train quickly Chris nods to this poster and says, “I’d see that.”  “You don’t even know what that is” I smartly say knowing that he knows no French words.  “Doesn’t matter” he says keeping pace with our fellow commuters.  Doesn’t matter?  Doesn’t matter?!  Really?  And thus the marathon philosophical discussion began.  And, ultimately, it just mattered that she is young and beautiful; as the poster tells us.

A few days later, we made our way to the West End; another favorite spot for us.  The number of theatres in this tiny space of the city is incredible.  On our way to a show, we pass by…

Jude Law

No words necessary.


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