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Daily Constitution

Posted by on September 18, 2014

First day, first time in Boston.  We like to get our bearings in tourist cities by hopping on a trolley and doing a loop before we just start walking.  So the first thing we did was grab our “I’m a tourist” sticker.


Our trolley included a ride out into Boston Harbor where they show you the skyline, explain the difference between a wharf and a pier, and give you an opportunity to stop over at the Constitution.  The oldest still commissioned warship in the world.  Old Ironsides.

Surprisingly this was my highlight of the day.  The ship is simply amazing!  Not the most luxurious thing on the water, but efficient for its purpose and wonderfully kept.

Because the ship is in service the tour guides, casually speaking to groups, bit a formal tour situation, are active duty Naval officers. They are in their uniforms and you must show photo ID as well as go through a TSA-style screening before getting to the ship. But the beauty of the officers as guides is that these are some of the people who both take care of the ship and sail her when she goes out for her short stint every year. Their knowledge of the ship is refreshing.


One of the Naval officers explaining things about the ship.


Briget testing out the accommodations.


On board! Massive structure, and built over 200 years ago in under two years. Amazing.

If you are in Boston. Even if you are not into nautical history, the Constitution is worth it.

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